©2018 by Joel Reyer

Joel Reyer

Actor | Writer

Acting is the outcome of a strange life! After eight years in Army Intelligence, I went to Oxford for grad school, cofounded a ride-sharing startup, and took a fellowship with the Democrats in Congress.

Stomp walk look stand.


Then I woke up and embraced a series of artistic, spiritual, and physical adventures. I traveled, studied in a Thai Buddhist temple, and refocused on health, the wilderness, and the mind.


And I found after all the risks I’ve taken – personal, metaphysical, or psychological – the biggest I had to face was acknowledging myself as an artist.


Embarking on this life of truth and romance in earnest in 2017, I've acted in short films (but I'm tall!) and play festivals in New York, where I moved in 2018 to study full-time at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.


I'm currently rehearsing a new full-length play for the NY Theatre Festival, and have film dates upcoming.


Writing projects include books of poetry, sketches, screenplays, fiction, and whatever sundry works issue from the imagination. Please inquire! Or beware?